The best games for Android TV

games for android tv
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Games for Android TV

When thinking about games for Android, the most normal thing is that mobile games come to mind. However, today Android is a widely used operating system and present in a wide variety of devices such as Smart TVs, so it is also possible to find many games that can be played from our televisions.

Games for Android TV can be played using the remote control of the television or through peripherals such as controllers or Bluetooth keyboards.

In the Android TV application store it is possible to find a great video game catalog of all stylesFrom classic puzzle games to racing or card games. For all those users who want to have fun for a while from their sofa, these are some of the best games for Android TV.

– “Crashlands”: It is a game that mixes action, exploration and has RPG overtones. Furthermore, it is available for almost every platform you can think of, making it possible to play it on several different devices. In it, we will play the role of a kind of space delivery man who crashes on an unknown planet, there he will have to collect materials and improve his equipment to recover the stolen cargo.

– “Oddmar”: A game with comic aesthetics, in which players must develop their skills and live adventures in a world full of dangerous mountains, forests and deep mines. With a Viking setting, we will have to go through 24 levels designed by hand, overcoming challenges of platforms and puzzles.

– «Hungry Shark Evolution»: A different game, in which the player will have to put themselves in the shoes of a great shark that will be able to evolve as it devours everything that is placed within its reach.

– “Asphalt 8: Airborne”: “Asphalt” is one of the best racing games for Android and is now available for Android TVs, with the possibility of controlling it with the remote control. Good graphics, a lot of speed and a great variety of races and vehicles.

– «Crush Your Enemies»: A strategy game in which we will have to demonstrate our expertise and tactical skills to kill all the enemies. A simple game, but deep at the same time, with all the classic elements of computer strategy games.

– «Badland»: For lovers of games with minimalist aesthetics like “Journey”, “Badland” is a game that will test the skills of the players, who will have to make the character cross the screen, jumping obstacles or crashing against walls. Although our character can be multiplied, each obstacle will cause “parts” to be lost, so it is important to calculate each movement well so as not to lose all of them.

– ‘Crossy Road’: A game with pixel-style graphics in which we have to make a chicken cross a road avoiding being run over. As in the classic “Frogger” this is not easy, although it is tremendously addictive. In addition, the game offers a large number of secret characters to unlock that enhance the gameplay.

– «Fast Like a Fox»: If in the previous game we have to cross a road, this time we will have to put ourselves in the shoes of a fox and run as much as we can. This is a “side runner” with some fantastic controls that will put our reflexes to the test. With one button the fox will pick up speed and with another it will jump over obstacles; Although it seems simple, the dynamics is much more complicated than it seems.

– «Mars: Mars»: As the name suggests, we will control an astronaut who must jump between platforms, playing with gravity. It is a simple game, with classic dynamics, in which the player must know how to regulate each jump to complete the screen and not run out of fuel.

– «Zen Pinball»: This is a game that will delight pinball lovers. It includes a huge variety of boards, with different themes and licenses such as Marvel, Star Wars or The Walking Dead … Although the game only includes one board, the rest must be purchased in the game store.

– “The Walking Dead: Season One”: If you are a fan of the Kirkman zombie saga you will love this game, as it is based on the universe of the graphic novel. It is a narrative role-playing game in which every decision and choice the player makes is reflected in the game’s history.

– «Super Phantom Cat»: This 2D platform game won the award for the best prize of 2016. With 8-bit aesthetics, the player will have to overcome complicated levels of platforms accompanying Flash Cat, a particular cat hero.