The best games of August 2021 for iOS and Android smartphones

When the heat squeezes and the high temperatures invite us to enjoy outdoor activities such as the beach, the pool or the mountains, what better than to take advantage of the portable capacities of our smartphones y tablets and continue enjoying the best video game releases in touch format. And this month of August the news does not take vacations to continue reaching both App Store like Google Play, from games specially designed for iOS and Android to ports of other platforms, which find in current mobiles a new opportunity to reach an even wider audience. Do not miss the best iOS and Android games of a month of August 2021 full of news, in addition to offering a look at the new releases of Apple Arcade, which this time is committed to the return of high-quality ports.

The DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition
Platform: iOS and Android
Developer: Warner Bros.
Price: Free
We continue with a new game of augmented reality that will become a must have for fans of Bat Man. And if you’ve ever wanted to feel like Batman and use all his gadgets and detective tools to investigate crime scenes and fight villains, this is your app. Use the Bat technology and face the Joker, Mr. Freeze and Enigma in a series of challenges with missions, minigames and much more completely free: “I am Batman”.

Fatal Funnel
Platform: iOS and Android
Developer: Minidragon
Price: Free
We started with an arcade type bet with low-poly graphics which is the most pleasant and fun to play. From an overhead view, we must draw lines as paths through which our agents will move while we try to avoid the routines of the enemies and their range of vision, carrying out the most adorable executions through stealth and full of humor. Frantic action, tons of weapons, improvements, skins and much more for a game that we cannot stop playing through continuous missions that will be presented dynamically.

My Time at Portia
Platform: iOS and Android (also on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch)
Developer: Nuverse
Price: 7.99 euros
After passing through PC and consoles, the Simulation and management RPG by Pathe Games with a port traced to the original. Explore and socialize in the huge open world of Portia and become the handyman and friend to all crafting and building, as well as finding hidden relics that restore all the splendor of this post-apocalyptic universe. Build relationships with its inhabitants, whether they are friendships or romances, and make the prosper city, in addition to improving your skills in combat against different monsters. And all this in the palm of your hand.

Iron Order 1919
Platform: iOS and Android (also on PC)
Developer: Bytro Labs
Price: Free
We continue with a new commitment to historical strategy in real time, although this time in a alternative world in the middle of World War I in which the most powerful nations have managed to develop combat mecha to carry out their plans of global conquest. Thus, and through a more than convincing staging, we witness how the world changes while new superpowers are created, borders are modified and a new world order is established. Massive PvP Battles, several types of machines to control, unlocking of improvements and much more in a title that will catch us without remedy.

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge
Platform: iOS and Android
Developer: Devolver Digital
Price: Free
A spin-off of the frenzied action and shooting game My Friend Pedro, a desktop platform adventure game that maintains the main characteristics of the original adapted to the touch format, is coming to mobile phones. Take on 37 levels full of bullets, blood and bananas as you perform the most hilarious pirouettesAll at a rate not suitable for the faint of heart. Get the most amazing choreography and break the best records. His wife and children have been kidnapped and he has been left for dead. But it takes more than that to divide this family. Help your friend Pedro to serve your revenge on a cold plate garnished with bullets.

Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery
Platform: iOS and Android (also on PC)
Developer: Akupara Games
Price: 4.99 euros
A new interactive fable has arrived that we cannot fail to recommend. Thus, and without making noise, a visual novel in the purest style has appeared on mobile platforms Studio Ghibli which is developed based on the most ingenious puzzles. A trip to the past and the mind of the protagonist, a budding artist, that will immerse us in a fantastic world typical of the most successful animated productions of recent times. As the painting takes shape, you will discover a emotional story of opportunities and art revealed after unrelated but familiar moments. The animation is superb, the electrifying soundtrack and its original gameplay will invite us to continue with the story almost without perceiving the passage of time. Play it.

Tesla Force
Platform: iOS (also on PC, PS4 and Xbox One)
Developer: 10tons
Price: 5.99 euros
A new kind of procedural roguelike arrives double stick and isometric view for iPhone and iPad with Tesla Force. Set in a fantastic Victorian era, we will have to use superpowers through science in the hands of characters as disparate as iconic, be it the electric Tesla or the terrifying Lovecraft, through Curie or the mother of the monsters Shelley. And the game looks like a charm thanks to a really spectacular staging and really great gameplay. frantic, with all kinds of particles and flashes devastating the continuous battles with clean shot.

Marvel Future Revolution
Platform: iOS and Android
Developer: Netmarble
Price: Free
Finally, the Marvel crossover more ambitious in mobile format is now available after months of waiting, a cut F2P title RPG with action unbridled that comes at a time of great anticipation for the company’s upcoming films and series. And it is that this title bets on an authentic superhero festival with some of the most famous names in the House of Ideas, from Spider-Man to Captain America, through Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, Storm, Doctor Strange or Black Widow, all of them controllable. And it is that the clash of universes is total with Vision sacrificing himself to try to stop MODOK Now comes the moment of the superheroes, whose objective will be save all realities possible. MIR4
Platform: iOS and Android
Developer: Wemade
Price: Free
After its successful launch in South Korea at the end of last year, MIR4 finally reaches international markets such as Most revolutionary mobile MMORPG. And is that the title uses a new technology based on blockchain, in order to offer a totally new experience to its players. Thanks to this, you can exchange your own coins called DRACO for game resources; in turn, NFT tokens can be obtained through game characters to trade among the players themselves and communicate with each other. Beyond its technology, MIR4 offers an online adventure absorbent and deep full of action and an artistic design that is more than striking. A new opportunity to immerse ourselves in an online adventure with hours and hours of game ahead; and free.

Assetto Corsa Mobile
Platform: iOS
Developer: 505 Games
Price: 4.99 euros
We close our monthly selection with a game that arrives on the horn; and it is that the mobile version of a whole car simulator like Race trim will be available for iOS devices on August 31, a version that promises to bring to mobile phones and tablets all the excitement and feeling of driving (not driving) the best racing prototypes of the world. For this, it will make available to players up to 59 official cars of the top competitions, in addition to hundreds of customization options and 9 licensed circuits. All this with an audiovisual section that promises to squeeze the hardware of the latest iPhone and iPad models. Apple Arcade News
Along with the most interesting releases this August on iOS and Android mobiles, we don’t want to lose sight of the news about Apple Arcade with exclusive releases to play on iPhone or iPad.

Super Stickman Golf 3
The popular 2D arcade golf comes to the Apple service with all the premium content unlocked, no ads and the same immersive gameplay as ever. Take on the craziest levels and beat your rivals (up to a maximum of 8) in real time through the most addictive turn-based games. Monster Hunter Stories
Despite the fact that it is the same version previously released on iOS, Capcom’s celebrated Monster Hunter Stories comes to Apple Arcade so that its subscribers can enjoy so successful and colorful adventure Without aditional costs. Recruit your favorite monsters, participate in lively battles and accompany the Hero, Lilia and Cheval in a game that looks better than ever thanks to its HD graphics.

Tetris Beat
Our last recommendation for this month comes with the umpteenth version of Tetris, now in rhythmic musical format. A new twist to the classic formula wrapped in the freshest musical themes that will set the rhythm of the games; and never better said.

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