Top Features Of Alexa App For Android

The Alexa app is one of the most popular innovations of artificial intelligence. The amount of reliance that the people have placed on it is unparalleled.

This is because it has never failed to surprise us with the amount of precision and punctuality with which the app works.

Moreover, the number of services that it has to offer will cover almost all dimensions!

Best Features of Alexa App for Android

Now that we know that the Alexa app has got a variety of features for its android users let’s have a look at the most prominent features that Alexa has got to offer.

1. Set Up A Routine For Yourself

Alexa app will help you set up a series of actions that you usually follow or you want to follow while following your daily routine.

With a single command, you can get the Alexa app to work according to your routine. The app has some recommendations with respect to the sequences that you can inculcate into your routine.

For instance,” Alexa, good morning”, is one of the standard commands that Alexa will recommend to you.

As such Alexa is a very user-friendly app. But, you can even use apps available at the play store to operate Alexa.

2. Manage Things By Making Lists, Notes And Setting Reminders

Alexa will help you in organizing your stuff like never before! All you have to do is add the items that you want to add to your Amazon shopping or to-do list by making use of voice commands.

Along with that, Alexa will help you set reminders and alarms which you can even modify whenever you want to.

You can set your reminders by making use of voice commands or even through the Alexa app available to you on the play store.

3. Customize Your Flash Briefing

Do you observe yourself picking up on certain sorts of news repeatedly? Well, you don’t have to do that anymore.

Let the Alexa app customize your flash briefing so that whenever you command, “Alexa, play my flash briefing”, you will be provided with the news that you frequently look for.

You can even customize by adding more content to it or changing the order of the news that is presented to you.

4. Get An Update About Your Route’s Traffic

The Alexa app can help you with the traffic on your route. All you have to do is add your office location and in between stops that you want to take.

Then, Alexa will help you find the route which will take the minimum amount of time and provide you with the details thereof.

So, it will make sure that you can avoid unnecessary traffic and reach your workplace in a good mood!

5. Play Music On Multiple Echo

If you have got multiple echo devices at your place, you can select which of the echo devices plays the music via the app.

So for instance, if you are in your bedroom you can call your echo bedroom to play your music in that specific to play music.

Now you don’t have to move your echo device or even pair it again with Alexa to listen to music in another room.

All you have to do is command Alexa to play your song on your choice of device.

6. Stream Your Favorite Podcasts And Listen To Audio Books

Listening to podcasts on Alexa is a different experience. That is because it gives you a sense of having a good personal time.

A lot of people have felt that the experience altogether is a lot better than just listening to it on your smartphone.

Alexa will play the latest podcasts and episodes on your command which you can alter as per your preferences through the Alexa app.

7. Control Fire TV And Fire Sticks

With the Alexa app, you can even control your fire stick. You can give commands to search movies of a certain genre. You can even command it to display a list of movies of a certain actor.

With respect to fire TVs, you can ask Alexa to turn on your TV or change the channel that you are currently watching.

You can also control the media panel through Alexa. For instance, you can ask Alexa to reduce the bass level.

Moreover, you can also control your playlists, like or dislike songs online and skip songs online as well.

8. Make Calls Or Drop Messages Through Alexa

You can make calls or even drop messages to other users by using the app. Moreover, you can ask Alexa to read your messages sequentially.

Though Alexa can work using a wide range of commands easily, you still have to be precise while doing it.

Having Issues With Alexa App?

Though the Alexa app for android has got great features, still users face issues while using it. So, if Alexa app on android is not working then worry not, we have got you covered too.

Follow these steps to fix the Alexa app:

  1. Make sure that your phone has an updated version of the application.
  2. Make sure that you have signed into the Alexa application and have the necessary permissions to carry on the functions.
  3. Restart your phone.
  4. Check data roaming to ensure that you have a proper internet connection.


Alexa has changed the way we used to live for a lot of people out here. We don’t need to hire an assistant, all you have to do is get the Alexa app and you are good to go!