Track your smartphone’s battery life with Electron

One of the best things about the Android platform is the variety of apps you can try in a single category. Battery health apps, for instance, are a useful category for many users. We often forget that smartphone batteries are pushed to the limit and eventually depreciate over time. After a point, their total battery capacity also falls. That’s why it’s key to track your device’s battery health.

Electron is an interesting new app that builds on minimal design and an interactive user interface to tell you about your phone’s battery health. The app shows everything from the current battery level, your overall battery health and the battery’s real capacity.

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The app’s top feature is its animation and transitions from one section to the other. The battery level, for instance, is shown in the form of a moving wave inside a big battery logo, along with the percentage sign.

When your phone is fully charged, the app will also show the battery’s ‘real capacity’. This number is bound to change over time with repeated battery cycles. You can swipe left, right within the app to access more battery information. Electron shows you the battery’s live temperature and the current maH (milliamp hour) level. The app also has a built-in dark mode, which might be visually appealing for some users.

One feature that would have added a lot to Electron is a battery charging alarm. AccuBattery, for instance, has a useful feature where it alerts the user to unplug the charger when a phone is fully charged or reaches a certain capacity set by the user. For instance, if you choose 85% as your pre-decided charging point, then AccuBattery alerts you to unplug your charger when that point is reached. This feature helps in prolonging your battery’s overall life. Even then, Electron is a decent option if you’re looking for a no-frills battery app. It is currently available only on Android.

Category: Tools and productivity

Ratings: Play Store: 4.6 stars; App Store: N/A

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