Twitter tests Spaces; Learn how to start and join Spaces

Twitter began testing Spaces, its Clubhouse-style audio chat rooms, in December of last year. Currently, it allows certain iOS users to start Space while everyone else can join and listen to Space. Twitter plans to allow all Android and iOS users to start space in April. This would be a huge advantage for Twitter Spaces, as it competes with Clubhouse, currently only available on iOS.

Twitter slots are public and appear at the top of the timeline, along with fleets. It will appear only when someone you follow has started a space. Then you can join the conversation as a listener. While all Android and iOS users can join as listeners, the option to create one is only available to select users. Now before it all gets official, here’s a guide on how you can start a space.

1. Open the Twitter app and press and hold the compose tweet button.

2. You will see a new icon of Spaces that are several circles that form a diamond shape.

3. Touch the icon to start a new Space.

4. You can also start by tapping your profile picture in Fleet, scroll to the far right, and select Spaces.

Twitter Spaces is limited to 11 people, including the host, who can speak. Listeners can also be invited via the Space link, shared via DM, tweet or any other platform. Even if you don’t follow that person, you can join the space if you have the link. The host has control over who can speak in the space. They can choose between everyone, the people you follow or invite-only certain people to speak. They can also revoke the permissions to speak of the participants in the Space.