We tested ‘Pokémon Unite’: the free Pokémon ‘LoL’ for iPhone and Android

After being announced a few months ago, Pokémon Unite finally comes out for iOS and Android. It is a proposal similar to ‘League of Legends’, one of the most ambitious proposals to date in this territory, being a free proposal for iOS, Android and even Nintendo Switch, with which has cross game.

After testing the game on Nintendo Switch, we wanted to test it on an Android mobile, to check how it performs on a phone and what is the gaming experience. We tell you all about ‘Pokémon Unite’, now available on all platforms.

This is ‘Pokémon Unite’

The first thing, prepare the coach.

As soon as we open the game, we have to personalize our coach. Your appearance will not matter much in the game, as it will only appear in the menus, not in the games. The next thing will be to do the tutorial, important to understand the game mechanics and, directly, we can start playing in real time and against other players.

Screenshot 20210922 094133 Pokmon Unite

These are the marking zones. You have to score points on them to destroy them.

The mechanics of ‘Pokémon Unite’ is MOBA (multiplayer online arena) type, in a 5 vs 5 format. As in alternatives such as ‘LoL’, we have to defeat the enemies (other players) on the map to get points. With these points we can go scoring goals in the rival areas.

The objective is to hit everywhere to get points. With those points we score so many in the rival zones until we get the victory

Each of these areas (equivalent to the turrets of ‘LoL’), have 100 points of life, so we have to mark those 100 points to destroy them. Whoever destroys these five zones first wins, all during a maximum starting time of 10 minutes. If they have not all been destroyed, the team with the most points will win.

Screenshot 20210922 094059 Pokmon Unite

On the battlefield there are not only enemy players, but wild Pokémon to defeat.

In the field you will not only find the rival team, but wild Pokémon will appear. If you defeat them, you will get points to score in the rival areas. Similarly, strong Pokémon also appear, such as Zapdos. If your team defeats them, you can score even more points.

There aren’t many Pokémon, although the ones that do exist are pretty cool

Screenshot 20210922 095057 Pokmon Unite

The list of Pokémon is short, but intense.

As in the rest of games of this style, each character has their classes. Specifically, here we have five classes: attackers, speedster, off-road, defenders and support. It is important that the team is balanced, otherwise it will be difficult for us to win.

The list of Pokémon is well selected: each one has its attacks and some even evolve during combat

We can play with Pokémon such as Pikachu, Venusaur, Snorlax or Charizard, among others. The list is not huge, but they are all quite popular.. Each Pokémon has its attacks and evolutions, which work in a rather curious way.

Screenshot 20210922 091829 Pokmon Unite

Throughout the game, the Pokémon unlocks evolutions and attacks.

If, for example, we have chosen Charizard, we will start with Charmander. As the game progresses, the Pokémon will evolve, while improving and unlocking new attacks.

The Pokémon are unlocked through “Licenses” that we will obtain as we progress through the game. As we play with five other players, We only have to choose one Pokémon per game, since the other four Pokémon will be from other trained

A great free game (but with micropayments)

Screenshot 20210922 095401 Pokmon Unite

Pokémon Unite is a proposal of such a high level that it is even difficult to assimilate that it is free (although after all alternatives such as Wild Rift are also). In this case, the game uses micropayments, through which we can buy gems.

Payment is made in euros and these gems serve to unlock new Pokémon, skins for them and other visual elements. However, with patience and victories, we can unlock the different Pokémon in the game, so there is no major problem.

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: The Pokémon Company
  • Download: For Android on Google Play
  • Download: For iOS in the App Store