What is Google Camera Go? How it will help with better Android photography?

Google Camera Go is a lighter version of Google Pixel’s camera application called Google Camera. The app is known for its image processing algorithms and delivering stunning photographs on Google’s Pixel series of smartphones. While the full version of the application was available online for a few years, the company officially launched Google Camera Go in March 2021.

Additionally, the Google Camera Go has been updated regularly to add new features. Read on to know more about the latest feature.

Google Camera new features

The Google Camera Go application is specifically designed for Android Go devices, that are affordable in nature and run on entry-level specifications. By using the application, people can click good quality photographs from budget-oriented devices with the average camera hardware. The application uses Google advanced photographic algorithm and delivers decent results and features such as portrait mode, high dynamic range and night mode on the full version. The user interface of the application is similar to that on stock Android.

The latest Google Camera Go application comes with an advanced image processing algorithm. However, users should not compare its performance with that of Google Camera, as both hardware and software are better on devices that come with the full version of the application. The latest Google Camera Go 2.5 MOD shall be available for all Android smartphones running Android version 8 or above. Features on the Google Camera Go include portrait mode which focuses on the subject in the foreground and applies a gradual blur in the background. Other than that, the night mode allows users to click slightly better pictures in low-light conditions. There is an HDR mode as well, which reduces the difference in illumination of lighter and darker parts of an image, generating an evenly lit scene. 

Google Camera update 

The latest version, Google Camera Go 2.5 has recently received an update, bringing advanced photography features such as Portrait Mode, Night Mode and more. A total of three Google Camera applications exists right now, the basic version of Google Camera on the Pixel smartphones, the lighter version for affordable smartphones called Google Camera Go and a new mod version that supports auxiliary cameras.