What is Pokemon Unite’s release date on iOS and Android?

Pokemon Unite is set to arrive on mobile devices in the near future. The MOBA arrived on the Nintendo Switch console on July 21, 2021. It has been a few short weeks since that release date, and Pokemon Unite has become wildly popular.

Still, that popularity could rise. With the game coming to mobile platforms, more players will get to enjoy this new spin on the Pokemon franchise. So, when exactly is Pokemon Unite coming to mobile?

Pokemon Unite: When will it release on iOS and Android?

Image via Android/Apple/The Pokemon Company
Image via Android/Apple/The Pokemon Company

TiMi Studios has been working hard to keep Pokemon Unite players happy. A variety of updates have come out, balancing characters and fixing bugs found in the game.

This has all been in preparation for any even larger audience of Pokemon Unite players. According to the developers, the mobile release of their MOBA game is on the way.

The free-to-play game does not have an exact release date, but players anticipating Pokemon Unite for iOS or Android devices will not be kept waiting much longer.

A blog posted in July by the developers stated that Pokemon Unite will be releasing for mobile devices supported by iOS and Android in September 2021. When in September is another question.

It could be less than a month away at the start or well over a month near the end of the upcoming month. What we do know is that September 2021 will see its mobile release along with French, Italian, Spanish, and German language support.

What to expect when Pokemon Unite releases on iOS and Android

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

The updates to Pokemon Unite are going to keep coming prior to the mobile release of the game. While mobile players will be behind in terms of leveling, items, ranks, and more, they will start with some things Switch players don’t.

The game will be much more balanced at the mobile release stage than it was for the Switch. Recently added playable characters will also be available for those on mobile immediately.

The only wait for additional characters will be those that Nintendo Switch players must wait on as well. That can be seen as a huge plus for those wanting to take Pokemon Unite to their iOS or Android devices.