What is the GTA San Andreas download size on Android and iOS devices?

GTA San Andreas is simply one of the best games ever made. It should come as no surprise, then, that its mobile port is just as popular.

The majority of mobile gamers have played one or more of the GTA mobile ports. Among these, GTA San Andreas is the jewel in the crown. It was the most feature-packed game in the 3D Universe, and its smartphone version is no different.

Because of the abundance of content, it is also the largest GTA game on Android and iOS. Users should be aware of the file size and general requirements before attempting to buy the title.

GTA San Andreas for Android and iOS: File size on mobiles

Android devices

GTA San Andreas for Androids (Image via Play Store)
GTA San Andreas for Androids (Image via Play Store)

GTA San Andreas takes up about 2.61 GB of storage space on Android smartphones. For a better and smoother experience, players are suggested to have at least 3 GB of space on their devices.

It costs $6.99 on the US market, while Indian mobile gamers can get it for ₹182. Many users have found several bugs and issues with the game, particularly on newer Android versions.

Because of the mature content, GTA San Andreas for Android is intended for audiences over the age of 17.

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GTA San Andreas for iOS devices (Image via App Store)
GTA San Andreas for iOS devices (Image via App Store)

On iOS devices, GTA San Andreas takes up around 2.1 GB of storage space. Players should have at least 2.5 GB of free space on their devices for a faster gameplay experience.

In the US, it costs $6.99, but in India, it costs $599. This means that the iOS version is priced higher than the Android one for Indian buyers. This version has fewer bugs than the Android one, and as such, it has received better reviews.

The iOS version shows the age rating beside the name itself. As it is identical to the Android port, GTA San Andreas is also rated 17+ on the App Store.

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GTA San Andreas was ported over to mobile devices by Grove Street Games (then known as War Drum Studios) in 2013. It brought along numerous improvements and enhancements over the original game. These include:

  • Newly updated visuals with dynamic and realistic shadows.
  • Increased draw distance.
  • An expanded color palette.
  • Improved character and vehicle models.