Why a potential GTA 5 Android port could further delay the release of GTA 6

Two groups of GTA fans have emerged over the years, clamoring for entirely different propositions. One group wants a GTA 5 Android port, whereas the other wants a GTA 6 announcement.

Both these groups have been persistent in their demands, yet one of them sounds more logical. A GTA 5 port for Android would not be the most sound decision for Rockstar ahead of GTA 6. The mobile gaming market isn’t really the place for a AAA developer unless they’re aiming for battle royale.

GTA 6, on the other hand, could very well be the most successful entertainment product in history when launched. If Rockstar were to start working on an Android port of GTA 5, it would inevitably delay the next mainline GTA title.

Will a potential GTA 5 Android port delay the release of GTA 6?

GTA 5 is a much-loved game among fans of the open-world genre. There are millions of gamers around the world who bought the game. Most of them are still playing its multiplayer counterpart called GTA Online.

The game broke all sales records held by its predecessors, becoming the second-bestselling video game in history. Its popularity has seen it being ported over to multiple platforms over the years.

First released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, it was soon released for the PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. Currently, Rockstar is about to release a further port for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. However, it never saw a mobile release.

Mobile gamers who enjoyed the 3D Universe titles on their smartphones are now demanding a mobile port for GTA 5. Given how Rockstar never released a port for GTA Vice City Stories, this seems very unlikely. The last GTA port on mobile was for GTA Liberty City Stories in 2016.

Most players expected a follow-up port of GTA VCS. However, this never happened, and gamers were left wondering about the reasons. Many speculated that a lack of profit in making mobile ports was the main reason. Others thought that the expired music licenses may have been the root cause.

Whatever the reason may have been, it has become fairly obvious that a new mobile port is not a lucrative opportunity. The amount of gamers who would buy the game on mobiles is very low, since piracy on Android is rather easy. Plus, the effort that Rockstar has to take to create a port could be much better used towards finalizing GTA 6.

Unofficial sources claim that the game might not be released before 2025. If this date is pushed even further, fans would no doubt be annoyed at Rockstar.