Why making a GTA 5 Android port is a smart move for rock stars

Grand Theft Auto 5 Is the most successful GTA game to date and is ranked second in the list of best-selling games to date. Despite this success on PCs and consoles, there is no Android release yet.

The Android market has changed dramatically since PUBG created mobile ports. Android games are mainly centered around the multiplayer FPS and battle royale genres. However, many mobile gamers believe that GTA 5 also needs to get an Android port.

Sounds unconvincing, but porting Android to popular games isn’t impossible.

Creating a GTA 5 Android port is the right way to move forward

Many popular PC / console games have been successfully ported to Android for many years. However, not all games are performance-focused, and some are written specifically for specific hardware.

Several games from the popular series Borderlands and Metal Gear have been ported to Android. However, this is for Nvidia Shield devices only. Meanwhile, Feral Interactive has ported many popular games such as ROME: Total War, Tropico 3, and GRID to Android.

These are expensive titles and may only appeal to game enthusiasts. Mainstream mobile game audiences are accustomed to playing games for free using in-app microtransactions. They are unlikely to pay such a high price on the GTA5 Android port.

GTA 5 vs GTA Online for Android

Another question that should be raised is which game should be ported. GTA online It has the potential to become a more profitable venture than GTA 5. With enhanced and enhanced releases, GTA Online is becoming a standalone title. This also makes it a free game and microtransactions are the only way to keep it.

The only problem is Shark card GTA Online would be too expensive for mobile games. To balance this, rock stars will have to make cheaper shark cards. Due to hardware limitations, the game itself requires many changes.

GTA 5 is a large game that occupies nearly 100GB with multiplayer content. Once GTA Online is available on Android, it may not be easy to keep it up to date with new content.

To be compatible with Android, the resulting game will need to be significantly downgraded. If Rockstar succeeds in it, it could be a successful venture for them.

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