Windows 11 App Store Comes to Windows 10 Soon – Bestgamingpro

If you don’t want to (or can’t) run Windows 11 on your PC, the good news is that Microsoft will be providing at least a few app upgrades to Windows 10 to keep it feeling useful.

Now that Windows 11 is out, the redesigned Microsoft Store is accessible in the Release Preview Insider channel for users of Windows 10. But the real reason to install it is its dramatically improved app selection.

The Epic Games Store accepts all sorts of games, including those that are commercial in nature, as long as they adhere to the store’s terms.

Microsoft has relaxed rules for the types of software that can be submitted to and downloaded from the marketplace, with apps like Zoom, Discord, VLC Player, Adobe Reader, LibreOffice 5+, and even the Epic Games Store now available.

The applications appear and function similarly to their standalone counterparts once installed.

There are a few applications that won’t make it to Windows 10. The Windows Subsystem for Linux store version isn’t accessible in Windows 10, as well as the Amazon Appstore and its underlying Windows Subsystem for Android.

However, the increased number of genuinely useful apps may make setting up a new PC somewhat easier for regular users, and it might assist people to avoid paying for fraudulent third-party app clients that have filled the void caused by the absence of official apps.

According to Microsoft Store Principal Architect Rudy Huyn, the new Microsoft Store will be accessible to all Windows 10 users “soon.”

The next servicing upgrade for Windows 10 is expected to be released in July (though running Windows 21H2 isn’t necessary).