Windows 11 is getting an update to make it better for Android users

Microsoft’s Your Phone software, the bridge between Android devices and Windows 10, is due to get a makeover for Windows 11. While it doesn’t look like new functionality is on the cards in the short term, we got a brief glimpse of the app at Microsoft’s recent Surface event, suggesting that it hasn’t been entirely forgotten about.

As with other apps updated for Windows 11, the Your Phone app enjoys a new look, with rounded corners and a softer set of colors, but the real improvement lies in the interface.

If you boot up the app right now, you’ll see separate sections for Notifications, Messages, Calls and (if you own a supported Samsung device or a Surface Duo) Apps. With the new version, XDA Developers spotted that notifications now cascade along the left hand side of the app, with the ability to respond directly from your desktop or laptop if appropriate. 

A screenshot of the Windows 11 Your Phone app

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Meanwhile, Messages, Photos, Apps and Calls are relocated to the top of the screen. It’s a less cluttered look which should make the app a bit more accessible to newcomers — albeit undoubtedly a bit confusing to those who have got used to the current layout.