• Zoom brings 'mute' to your eyeballs with video feed blocking

Zoom brings ‘mute’ to your eyeballs with video feed blocking

Zoom brings ‘mute’ to your eyeballs with video feed blocking

Virtual meetings over Zoom have become all too popular over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they’re potentially going to be a big part of life going forward. Already supporting virtual meetings with up to 100 people, Zoom gets constantly updated with new features. Now the Zoom app is getting another feature drop with a handful of quality-of-life improvements that aim to make it a little more enjoyable to use.

Our latest update introduces two notable features that might actually have an impact on how you use the app. For one, you’re now able to block other people’s video feeds with an option called “stop incoming video.” Previously, you could just block your own, but now you can actually limit the video feeds of other people attending the call. This is good if you’re on a restricted connection in order to allow for a little bit extra bandwidth for actually hearing the call, or if you’re just simply tired of seeing your coworkers’ faces every day.

Additionally, Zoom is getting support for rich text formatting in chat, so you can express things a little more clearly. There’s a new Android-specific feature, as well — you can pay for a Pro subscription using Google Play billing instead of through Zoom directly. There are also another minor UI and UX improvements as well as certain bug fixes and performance improvements.

The full changelog for the latest version of the Android app goes as follows:

General features

  • Pro subscriptions through Google Play
  • Support for additional time zones

Meeting/webinar features

  • Stop incoming video
  • Additional support for Video filters
  • Updated recording privacy disclaimer

Meeting features

  • Security settings overview

Chat features

  • Rich text formatting support
  • Additional customization for Personal Note

Zoom Phone features

  • UI enhancement to phone number labels
  • Prompt for emergency address

Resolved Issues

  • Security enhancements
  • Minor bug fixes

You can grab the latest Zoom release on APKMirror or download it from the Google Play Store right now.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings
ZOOM Cloud Meetings
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